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Manuel Ellis

On the night of March 3, 2020 — three months before George Floyd was murdered — Manny Ellis encountered police while walking home in Tacoma, Washington. He died on that dark street corner. Officers say it was an accident brought on by Manny himself. The story almost ended there.

The reason it didn’t: Manny’s little sister, Monèt Carter-Mixon. Following her feeling that something about her brother’s death wasn’t right, Monèt set out to investigate what really happened. What she found challenges the way we think about these investigations, and it sets up what promises to be a trial unlike anything the Pacific Northwest has ever seen. But two years after Manny’s death collided with the racial justice movement of 2020 we want to know what his death means — and what his life meant.

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The Walk Home

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Two Seconds of Audio

“A recording changes the trajectory of Monèt's life.”

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Little Big Sister

“In the stillness of the pandemic, Monèt hunts down crucial information.”

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Not Saying Anything

“Investigators finish their probe into Manny’s death. Then, a revelation.”

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A Blessed Child

“Manny’s walk home ended at 96th and Ainsworth. It started 33 years earlier.”

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The Other Side of the Line

"Four Tacoma police officers each had their own journeys to 96th and Ainsworth. And so did the department they worked for."

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96th and Ainsworth

"A critical decision changes Manny's case, and a new story of his death emerges."

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Pierce County, USA

“A community grapples with the fallout from Manny's case — and the movement that surrounds it.”

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True Justice

“Manny’s death led to sweeping reform, but what really changed?”

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The Trial Ahead

“The trial of the three Tacoma police officers charged with killing Manny Ellis is about to begin.”

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X Part I

The Jury Deliberates

“While the jury deliberates, listen to the different stories the eyewitnesses and the officers tell about what happened the night Manny Ellis died.”

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X Part II

The Jury Deliberates

“While the jury deliberates, we dive into the defense strategy, the dueling narratives over Manny’s cause of death, and the decisions the jury has to make.”

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The Verdict

“A Pierce County jury has found Tacoma Police Officers Matthew Collins, Christopher Shane Burbank, and Timothy Rankine not guilty of all charges related to the 2020 killing of Manny Ellis.”

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The Safest City in America

“After the officers charged with killing Manny Ellis are acquitted, how does the city of Tacoma move forward?”

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